Forex Metatrader Broker – How To Get Monthly Cashback From Forex Trading

Forex metatrader broker, in other words a broker that uses that metatrader platform for trading make money on spreads and commissions. When your turnover is very large, your broker make a lot of money from your trading. Is there a way to get a discount or cashback on all this money your forex metatrader broker is making from your trading?

Actually it is! Consider the following calculation example:

Assume that you open an account with FXCM which is one of the most reputable forex metatrader broker, which offers 0.6 pip discount per roundtrip lot traded. One pip equals about $10 on average if you trade EURUSD, EURCHF and EURGBP. Lets say that you deposit $2000 on the account. Our estimate is that you will turn over about 10-15 Lots per $1000 per month on your account when using FAPTurbo and Megadroid. Assume that your turnover is 24 lots per month on your $2000 account.

Your monthly cashback during the first month would then be:

0.6 x 10 x 24 = USD 144

Your annual ROI would then be (144×12/2000) about 86% per year.

This is a very conservative figure since it does not take any compounding at all into regard and assumes zero growth from expert advisors. Assuming a monthly growth rate of 20% you could make $4500 per year from this program only.

It is 100% free to sign up and your spreads or commission remains the same after joining this program so there is really no reason why not to join. It is simply just money waiting to be collected by you!

FXCM is not the only of the forex metatrader broker that is connected to Cashback Forex. You can also claim a cashback from the following brokers: Alpari UK, Avafx, Dukascopy, Etoro, FXCBS, FXCM, FXDD, Fxopen, Fx Pro, GallantFX, Go Markets, Liteforex, Marketiva, Tadawul FX, X Forex

If you are a forex trader, sign up for this program today and start to take advantage of the cashback system and get some money back from the forex metatrader broker.

To learn more about this program and to sign up, please go to the link below.

Forex metatrader broker cashback program:

Can Forex Practice Account Do Good For You

Forex practice account offers so many benefits, but there are a few pitfalls too. In this article, we will discuss the advantages as well as the disadvantages you can get from using free forex practice account. The practice account enables you to practice trading in forex for free. If you are a new trader you are highly encouraged to take practice account or demo account so that you will have firsthand experience how it feels like trading in forex.

The advantages of foreign exchange practice account

It will not cost you anything. You just need to give your name, email address, and contact number.

You will be able to learn how to trade in real time and at the same time you will be able to familiarize yourself as to how the trading platform works.

You will be able to learn how to execute trades as well as learn skills on how to manage risk without really putting your money at stake.

You will be able to test various trading strategies under the real trading environment as well as market condition without compromising your capital.

Through forex demo account, you will familiarize yourself with the characteristics as well as the peculiarities of the forex market. Through it, you will also learn how to adapt various trading strategies.

The disadvantages of foreign exchange practice account

The forex demo account hardly helps you in honing skills particularly in money management skills. With the demo account, the practice amount would be $50,000 to $100,000, which is actually too big and unrealistic enough, especially if you are going to trade using micro account. With that amount, traders will be encouraged to take risk than they would normally do using real money. With that being said, traders can develop a habit that can be disastrous once traders go live.

With the free demo account, you will not experience the real gut feeling of creating trading decisions on the spot. If there is no real money at stake, the trader will have a limited knowledge and understanding in taking risk.

Are you planning to get a forex demo account? If yes, then you need to consider carefully the advantages as well as the disadvantages. Despite the disadvantages, still more and more people prefer to have forex demo account because it enables them to learn and understand the platform without really having the need to compromise their hard earned money.

Mystery of Liquidity in the Forex Market

Did you ever focus on the term -Liquidity- that is generally used to understand the flow of forex market?

For the sake of simplicity let us say Liquidity defines the volume of transactions that happens per day, in the sense of how many transactions and how much of amount is being traded. Liquidity defines the ease with which you would be able to carry out orders in the market, without even manipulating the prices. s.

If we take a rough idea then number of traders must be twice of the number of transactions in ideal case, if one buyer and one seller are involved in one transaction. But actually single trader trades over multiple currencies which results more than one transaction. In short, liquidity defines the volatility of the price movements. The more any currency pair is liquid, the less it will move since large volume of trades are executing on that pair. The less liquidity means harder to sell or buy that pair.

Moreover, the more liquid market means it has more number of traders having many trades and transactions. Forex market has excessive liquidity as million of traders, bankers and brokers are involved in it. So that a forex trading can buy or sell multiple trades on some clicks, further growth are increasing day about day expanding the retail traders as well.

Let us consider real estate market for a while. This is the market which is extremely illiquid as you know it requires a lot of investments and starting capital to form such physical building while in forex market you can start at a very low amount. As a result you will find a bigger range of price offered for illiquid assets while a highly liquid asset will have a very specific price.

Now the question must be in your mind that on which factors liquidity actually depends. Forex online trading liquidity varies everyday day as global financial centers open and close as per their respective zones. Sometimes liquidity gets affected due to market holidays in various countries and seasonal festivals like x-mas day.

No one can predict the uncertainty of price movements so there is a great risk in more volatile pairs of thin liquidity where maintaining a position in the market is quite difficult and hence difficult to take action.

So it is recommended to invest after analyzing the market condition where a catalyst could be news events and assumptions of forex experts. A complete information can help you lot while trading to learn the market tricks.

Picking A Top Or Bottom In Forex Market Ussing Elliot Wave Forecast.

Good afternoon, everyone. Elliot wave principle is what I used to trade the Forex market. I really believe that the market move following the Elliot waves patterns and the fibonaccies number.

I have seen many times how the famous Elliot wave pattern is repeated in many cycle and to the point when do not miss even by a single pip. we as trader tend to make human mistake and always believe we have the correct count , we as human always trying to go to the minimum time frame possible. Many times this pattern is visible and workable in those small frames sometimes not , sometimes created a illusion or idea to be a correction and then break as a impulse . Today , I will explain how many traders and good traders are always trying to pick a top or a bottom.

Picking as I call it is a illusion , many times we are waiting for a level and we believe that the top or bottom just to found out that the market pass by the level without any resistance , so what was wrong , where picking a bottom or top is a mistake . the best bottom or top is the one we all knows , is waiting for the top or bottom formed by its self , seeing five waves in the hourly chart and the when wave A and C overlapped , getting in favor of the trend or five waves .

I know if all fellow traders practices this theory they should be able to make more money and less painful days .I believe the human factor and greed sometimes tends to created those false illusion , so picking a top or bottom is easy , please do not do it , just wait for the market to show the top or bottom.

The Etoro Forum The Efficient Approach To Forex Forums

The eToro forex forum, thanks to its wealth of forex information and discussion topics, can seem a little daunting at times. That is why it is important to know how to approach such a valuable educational and informational resource in order to make the best of it. Going through each thread individually in search of the question or issue you are interested in can be exhausting and futile. The eToro moderators do a superb job of sorting out the various threads into their categories, but the answer you’re looking for might very well be hidden in a thread whose title has nothing to do with it. How then can you get the information you want without having to read the entire forum?

The answer is simple: use the forum’s search function! When you enter the term you’re looking for the search engine will do the work for you by finding any post or thread in which the term is mentioned! It seems obvious enough, but most people are tempted to try to find the answer themselves before they realize that the forum is basically a searchable database, a fact that it would be in anyone’s best interest to take advantage of.

Not that there isn’t a lot to be said for just browsing the forum with no specific intent. Many times you will encounter things that you would never have thought to search for exciting new strategies, innovative approaches and future speculations.

And then of course, there the most sure fire way of getting an answer to whatever your question or query may be: simply start your own thread. Even if no fellow trader comes to your aid, which is highly unlikely, our forum moderators will be only too happy to give you the benefit of their forex knowledge and expertise. It may be a slower way of getting answers, but this way you are sure to get a direct answer and you will also be adding to the informational database for existing and future forum users.

In any case, the eToro forex forum is there for you to use and to enhance your forex knowledge. Learning to use it to your advantage can make a huge difference to your forex learning and forex trading experience. For those traders that just starting out in forex trading, it is doubly important to participate in eToro forex forum. If you have any trouble understanding a forex concept, or if you have any question relating to forex, posting your query in the forum will get you various answers within minutes.